17th Asian Chemical Congress & 19th General Assembly of FACS

17th Asian Chemical Congress & 19th General Assembly of FACS

23-28 July 2017 Melbourne Australia

Chemistry addressing sustainable development and other challenges of the 2020s


Key Dates

Abstract submission closes: 23 March 2017

Early bird registration deadline: 23 April 2017


The indicative 17ACC scientific program topics have been chosen to illustrate the relevance and value of chemistry to modern society and commerce however, papers from all aspects of chemistry are welcomes.

  • Biological, Medicinal and Regenerative Chemistry
  • Molecular Therapeutics & Diagnostics
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Molecular Photonics & Electronics
  • Chemical Analysis & Characterization
  • Chemicals from Natural Products and Biomass
  • Chemistry for Green and Sustainable Energy, Water, Feedstocks
  • Education in Chemistry
  • Food Chemistry and Functional Foods
  • General Chemistry
  • Macromolecular Chemistry & Chemistry of Materials
  • Novel Porous Materials / Metal-Organic Frameworks

For more information, please go to http://www.racicongress.com/17ACC/