The 8st IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry (8th ICGC) 9-14 September 2018, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand



Abstract Submission Deadline: June 15, 2018 (Closed)

Early Bird Registration Deadline: June 30, 2018          Pre-Registration Deadline: August 31, 2018

Program Highlights

Plenary speakers :Robert H. Grubbs, USASusumu Kitagawa, Japan
Buxing Han, China
Keynote speakers :David Cepla, USAGert-Jan Gruter, the Netherlands
John C. Waener, USAXin Xu, China
Meinolf Weidenbach, GermanyChao-Jun Li, Canada
S.C. Edman Tsang, UK

Topic program

Topic 1 Green Chemicals, Polymers, and Materials

  • Green Polymers/Materials
  • Green Chemicals and Solvents
  • Valorization of Waster into Chemicals

Topic 2 Green Synthesis, Manufacturing, and Engineering

  • Green Synthesis and Catalyst
  • Green Manufacturing/Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Design for Green Processes
  • Green Bioprocesses

Topic 3 Green Fossil Energy, Biomass, and Future Fuels

  • Green Energy and Energy Storage
  • Green Biofuel, Biogas and Bioenergy
  • Non-thermal Activation Methods

Topic 4 Green Chemistry Education

  • Environmental Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment
  • Green Education and Future Directions

Topic 5 Green Technology from Start-up Companies